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About us


Founder and Managing Director


Peter Jäderberg’s first company focused on institutional equity trading (NYSE) and quantitative analysis (1985 to 1991). The deep insights made him a convinced financial market skeptic and a supporter of niche and real assets. From 2004 to 2010, his then-company initiated and structured 28 international alternative investment projects in various niche assets and imple¬mented them as white label products for third parties. More than 1.5 billion Euros were invested in these projects. In 2009, he stumbled over the unique sandalwood project IN Australia, for which he founded the Jäderberg & Cie. group in 2010. Since 2018, he has evolved to an entrepreneurial impact investor, actively living the impact investing philosophy, Deep Impact, publicly and passionately.

Chief Investment Officer


Per Ståhl is a seasoned investment manager and strategist and has held senior positions with some of the most progressive European investment entities in the sustainability space over the past fifteen years. The groups he has worked with ranges from family offices to institutional investors and corporates. Per has a demonstrated track-record within direct investment, private equity and venture capital linked to sustainability, energy transition and environmental impact. In addition to his role as CIO with Jäderberg & Cie., Per holds the position of head of the secretariate of the United Nations Investments Advisory Board (UNDRR).

Rainer Weitzel
Chief Investment Officer (DACH)


Rainer Weitzel is an entrepreneur, communications, and sales specialist – and a firm believer in tangible asset investing. He has been active in the investment world for almost 30 years, including over 20 years in various senior positions at international financial services companies. At Jäderberg & Cie. he has found his heart’s desire with “Impact Investing” and has been able to contribute his experience and expertise there since 2019.

Lydia Weitzel Imedio
VP Co-Investments
Head of Communications


Lydia Weitzel Imedio brings extensive experience from a prominent publishing house in Frankfurt, where she specialized in product management and marketing. With a master’s degree in marketing earned with distinction in Scotland, Lydia bridges her communication expertise with her role as Vice President of Co-Investments at Jäderberg & Cie. As VP, she strategically guides investment initiatives and contributes to the development of international impact ecosystems, all while nurturing connections with institutional investors. Simultaneously, Lydia manages JC’s communications and PR, representing the organization at industry events as well as transforming these experiences into stakeholder content

Heidrun Helmke
Co-Investor Relations


Heidrun Helmke, Co-Investor Relations

After studying business administration, Heidrun Helmke worked for more than 25 years mainly in the financial sector in the areas of sales, communication and marketing. Since 2008, she has had a leading role in the team of Peter Jäderberg and has been involved in the JC Sandalwood project from the very beginning. So, it comes as no surprise that her professional heart beats for sandalwood and impact investing. Her pet sub-project is developing sandalwood products, such as a product line for skin- and haircare, as well as for medicinal tea.