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Wir sind ein unternehmerischer Impact Investor.

Ansässig im schönen Hamburg
Am Fischmarkt, direkt an der Elbe.

Unsere zweite Heimat ist ebenso schön: Perth, Western Australia
Mit Blick auf den Swan River.
Näher an unseren Sandelholz-Mischwäldern.



Aktiver, unternehmerischer Ansatz – kein passiver Finanzinvestor

Unser Mehrwert.

  • „Impact Guard“
  • Zugang zu professionellen Investoren
  • Management der Co-Investoren
  • Investment Vehikel, Strukturierung und Verwaltung

Unsere Kriterien.

  • tiefgehende Wirkung

  • disruptive, transformative Lösung

  • niedrige Korrelation zum Kapitalmarkt

  • Profitabilität

  • Ethik

  • wir schaffen Mehrwert


Medicinal forestry
Regenerative Agroforesty
Sustainable food shopping
Metal recycling
Ocean health

Medicinal Forestry

an endangered species

  • Revered since 4,000+ years, a sacred tree for billions of people
  • The essential sandalwood oil of this nearly extinct tree species is used in human and veterinary medicine, natural remedies, aromatherapy, food flavoring, and as a fragrance carrier.
  • The only sustainable source for this endangered species in traceable, pharmaceutical grade an commercial scale is cultivated in the tropical north of Australia.
  • These mixed forests are woned by few institutions ( acreage is Erfahrener Partner und Sandelholz-Marktführer vor Ort in Australien
  • Verehrt. Begehr. Rar.

Regenerative Agroforestry

NaturaYuva in a nutshell
NaturaYuva turns degraded land into biodiversity-rich forest, and works with local farming communities in India to grow natural ingredients from a rich biodiversity of plants and sells them to the food, cosmetics, fragrance and pharmaceutical industry. 
Why we invested in NaturaYuva
We are convinced of the integrity and competence of the team and are happy to support NaturaYuva as a company that manages to deliver high quality ingredients that are niche and truly sustainable – fair for the farming industry, protective of nature and in growing demand from various industries.

Sustainable Food Shopping

ACT in a nutshell
ACT is developing a simple, intuitive and efficient app that makes it easy to shop for sustainable and ethically produced products. Their algorithm helps customers choose the most sustainable option at their local supermarket.
Why we invested in ACT
We appreciate the deep commitment and cooperative spirit of the team which is also shows in their hybrid model of being registered as not only as a limited company, but also as a cooperative. We are intrigued by the consumer driven model that brings together conscious shoppers in ever-growing number around user-driven data capture. Later shoppers can use this data to find & buy sustainable products. Through this organic and ethical producers are awarded and will over time incite others to shift to better production practices.

Metal Recycling

Disruptive Metallherstellung

  • circular economy, echtes Recycling
  • bis zu 98% weniger C02-emission
  • bis zu 85% weniger Energievebrauch
  • kein Wasserverbrauch, keine Giftstoffe
  • lokale Produktion, kein e-Müll-Tourismus
  • geopolitische Unabhängigkeit
    bei strategischen Metallen

Ocean Health

PEL in a nutshell
Port Energy Logistic has developed various innovative, viable and in demand solutions for the maritime industry to protect our oceans. They are experts in disposing toxic and other waste from ships, as well as in the generation of both, energy  and drinking water. Their main project right now is a a desalination vessel, capable of producing and storing drinking water while on sea, on while being energy autonomous. 
Why we find the project interesting
We are fascinated by the ingenuity, deep expertise and long standing experience of the team in the maritime industry and their solutions to improve current sub-standard environmental practices in the world’s harbours, in an economically viable manner. 

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Peter Jäderberg

Founder and Managing Director


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