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Deep Impact – Why & How

Climate Change. Pandemic. War.
Three devastating global system failures.
Interconnected. Preventable.

To clean up the mess and for a better future, if at all, we know that we need Change.
Enabled by transformative and disruptive solutions.
Fostered and catalyzed by impact-mindful investors.
(Not Sustainable Finance with 99% misled to Secondaries with neither immediate nor efficient impact on the real economy, much less real sustainability).

But that is not enough. Neither vigorous nor quick enough.
It’s not just about financing Change.
We need to change Finance.

(Vulcanic power requires inner strength.)

DEEP IMPACT is a paradigm-shifting mindset on how multi-stakeholders collaborate wisely in unity.
All based on values and purpose. Ethical leadership. No isms. No greed.

The Why is clear. Enough. To us.
But How?
Multi-layered. Guidelines, Principles, Processes.
Some in finetuning, some under development.
This is our current journey.
Happy to elaborate.

In our dedicated events and workshops for co-investors and stakeholders, Deep Impact Day, we reflect on the inner journey required, explore the co-creation of Change, and deep-dive into a unique impact investing opportunity, challenging best practices (Beyond Carbon).

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Event in English

Sandalwood expeditions - trips to Australia

Fly with us Down Under on an unforgettable journey to the home of JC Sandalwood.

In Northern Australia, you will experience the life of the sandalwood tree:  the nursery, various vintages of sandalwood forests, and the harvest processing plant. In the Southwest, you will be privy to the distillation process and the sandalwood product world. 

In Perth, Quintis will give us insights from their R&D as well as product marketing, and we will meet our Australian business management, especially deep-diving into the Trust Unit registry.

To digest the intense week, we spend the last day at some beautiful wineries in Margaret River.


Save the Date: 20 – 27 August 2022

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