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Impact Investing:

a disruptive form of sustainable investing?
Recorded Webinar, 30 June 2020

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JC Impact Investing Projects

JC Sandalwood

As an entrepreneurial lead investor, the Jäderberg & Cie. Group operates afforested mixed forests in the tropical north of Australia with over 300,000 sandalwood trees on 700 hectares. From 2028, gross proceeds of over one billion euros are expected from this. About half of this belongs to the JC Group’s co-investors. Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Harvard University Endowment Fund and Church of England are among the handful of neighboring investors of this only sustainable source of commercially relevant size for the very valuable but almost extinct tree species. The essential sandalwood oil is used used in human and veterinary medicine, natural remedies and aromatherapy and as a fragrance carrier.

JC Ecomet

JC ECOMET is an international greentech company with a disruptive solution to produce high-quality metals and valuable alloys from today’s civilization raw materials in a significantly environmentally friendly way. Compared to traditional metal production, up to 98% less CO2 is emitted, 50-95% less energy and no water or toxic substances are used. The first production site is located in Finland, the global pioneer in circular economy. Specific locations in Germany are in preparation, further projects in Europe and globally are in development.