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Jäderberg & Cie. (JC) is an entrepreneurial impact investor.

We invest exclusively in projects that, in addition to an above-average financial return, effectively create impact.

The JC investment portfolio consists of unique projects with disruptive or transformative impact, high sustainability and exceptional long-term profitability. We take an active entrepreneurial approach: The projects we carefully select, we manage with operational responsibility or as lead investor. As we are convinced of the value of our portfolio, we are consistently invested in our projects ourselves from the very beginning.

We make the projects we develop and manage approachable for like-minded co-investors. The co-investment vehicles are structured and managed by JC. Thus, we contribute to making impact investing accessible to a broad mass.

Our lighthouse project is JC Sandalwood, for which we formed in 2010. JC Sandalwood has made us an impact investor, accompanying us on our journey of over ten years. What initially looked like an extremely lucrative timber investment turned out to be a prime example of impact investing – before this term found its way into the vernacular.

We are also a committed member of various international impact networks such as Toniic, Bundesinitiative Impact Investing, TTI, Global Impact Alliance and are actively involved in several working groups. We firmly believe that through collaboration, extraordinary results can be achieved. We also act as a voice for impact investing and against impact washing.

JC Impact Investing

Sustainable returns

As an entrepreneurial impact investor, we at JC Impact Investing develop projects that actually bring about sustainability – and generate lucrative returns at the same time. After all, why shouldn’t our nature – on which, according to Swiss Re, over 90% of our global economy depends – be strengthened and protected by what we do?

Sustainability is a big topic in the investment world because it has become a majority issue in our society. However, not everything that is labelled “sustainability” is sustainable by a long shot: Only a tiny fraction of what is described as “sustainable investment” on the stock market reaches the real economy. Thus, although several trillion US dollars are invested in ESG funds every year, little or nothing is actually achieved.

The solution: Impact investing, i.e. investing directly in high-impact sustainability projects in the real economy. In this way, systemically relevant solutions and positive transformations for the environment and society are brought about. At the same time, the financial return on these projects is usually above average.

At Jäderberg & Cie. we want to make impact investing accessible to a broad audience. We create disruptive, transformative solutions that have a profound, catalytic impact. As lead investor or operationally responsible stakeholder, we lead our carefully selected projects – and invite like-minded co-investors to participate. In doing so, we always ask ourselves: “Would nature approve of our actions?”

The Lighthouse Project JC Sandalwood

Sustainable Forestry

JC Sandalwood is not a typical timber investment, but an investment in a natural product with exceptional financial KPIs, sustainable and with exclusive access.

Sandalwood has been highly sought after and sought after for thousands of years. This is mainly due to the valuable oil extracted from the heartwood, which has exceptional basic medicinal and olfactory properties.

Today, sandalwood is threatened with extinction in the wild. However, an Australian agriculture company succeeded in cultivating the valuable tree sustainably in mixed forests in northern Australia – thereby preserving it for the future and making it available for use. Attractive core markets include TCM and Aryurveda, pharmaceuticals and dermatology, aromatherapy and the perfume industry.

Only a handful of selected institutions are part of the monopoly project in northern Australia alongside Jäderberg & Cie. including the Harvard University Endowment Fund and the Church of England. Jäderberg & Cie. is the only lead investor to make the exclusive project available to interested co-investors. Jäderberg & Cie. is the only lead investor to make the exclusive project available to interested co-investors.

Currently, JC owns a total of 575 hectares with more than 270,000 sandalwood trees spread over 4 North Australian locations. Today, 37% of these sandalwood forests are owned by Jäderberg & Cie. and 63% by our more than 1,500 private and institutional co-investors.

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