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Our mission is to act as an entrepreneurial impact investor and first-generation single family office, identifying unique projects that offer significant systemic impact while holding potential for a resilient, profitable business model. Guided by our “Impact First” principle, we prioritize projects that genuinely drive sustainability. We directly and operationally support initiatives that enhance Earth health and biodiversity. We view our projects as blueprints, trailblazing initiatives meant to scale broadly. As Impact Guardians, we ensure that intrinsic impact remains intact and continuously enhance impact, management, and measurement practices.


Our vision is a world where investments not only generate financial returns but also positive impacts on our environment and society. Through Nature-based Solutions and biodiversity conservation, we aim to restore and balance the Planetary Boundaries. Our flagship project, JC Sandalwood, exemplifies how impact investing can unite ecological benefits with economic stability. We aspire to lead by example and inspire other (co-)investors to support projects that create genuine, measurable differences.


Nature-based Solutions: Initiatives leveraging natural processes to address ecological, social, and economic challenges while promoting biodiversity.

Our current focus includes nature capital projects in forestry, regenerative agriculture, ocean health, drinking water, and food distribution.


  • Improved conservation status of sandalwood from “endangered” to “vulnerable.”
  • Creating habitats for microorganisms and reintroducing extinct bird and plant species.
  • Sustainable land use and increased groundwater levels through diverse root systems.
  • Making biodiversity investable.